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Buttock aesthetics covers all the applications and methods applied to achieve buttock aesthetics in people who are uncomfortable with the current appearance of their hips. These methods are applied in varying forms and amounts from person to person. Buttock aesthetic operations are operations that will make the patient happier in their social life if it is done with proper application.


The main goal of these operations, which include options such as plumping, contouring, lifting and reduction as needed, is to eliminate aesthetic problems in the hip area that are weight and age related or structural. Options such as fat injections, implants and the suspension method can be applied to the aesthetics of the buttocks.


The reason for performing any aesthetic operation, not only the aesthetics of the buttocks, is the deformities that occur in the area to be operated for various reasons. In the process that follows these deformities, the patient begins to feel that he or she is not successful in his or her social life. Buttock aesthetic operations are aimed at eliminating the problems that occur in the buttocks area, such as sagging, growth deformity, which result from a combination of problems such as age and weight, and genetic predisposition.


During this process, in addition to methods such as fat injection, a variety of surgical techniques, including buttock implants and suspension methods, can be applied to the patient. The choice of method based on the patient is the key to success. In cases where the amount of fat to be removed from the body by liposuction is not sufficient, only a buttock implant can be applied to the patient; in cases where both methods are not functional, the sling method comes into play. Thus, the patient obtains the ideal appearance of the buttocks with the method chosen specifically for them.

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There are basically four methods to ensure the aesthetic of the buttocks. The first of these methods consists of sports that prevent or delay the appearance of problems. In cases where sports are no longer sufficient, surgical methods come into consideration.


The first of these methods is fat injection. In the fat injection method, fatty tissue taken from any other part of the body with the help of cannulas is concentrated and injected into predetermined points of the buttocks. The purpose of this injection is to give the appearance of a fuller buttock.


The second method is the buttock implant. The main purpose of the buttock implant is that other parts of the body cannot meet the amount of fat to be removed in the fat injection method or that an excessive amount of fat is needed. In this case, silicone implants are used to shape the buttocks without fat transfer. Silicone implants are placed in certain areas of the buttocks and a plump, straight appearance is achieved.


The third method is the hanging method. For this method to be applied, patients must have experienced severe skin laxity. If there is sagging, skin is removed from the abdomen and buttock area and the buttock area is shaped by having the remaining skin hung. The operation results in a straight and plump buttock. The main objective of these three methods is to give the buttocks a straight, plump and youthful appearance.


All the operations performed to ensure the aesthetics of the buttocks require special attention, as they are operations that need serious knowledge and attention. The following points are important:

  • All recommendations given by your doctor before and after the operation should be strictly followed; medications used should be regulated, alcohol and smoking should be reduced or stopped during the healing process.
  • The use of a corset is recommended after the operation. Sitting, standing and other movements should be more gentle than before.
  • Exercises should be avoided until the results of the operation are known and cleared by the doctor. In general, patients can start exercising at the end of the second month.
  • Movements and work that may place a significant load on the operation area should be avoided.
  • After the operation, the patient should pay maximum attention to hygiene.
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  • Patients who undergo plastic surgery on the buttocks can usually achieve the aesthetic appearance they desire, as well as some additional benefits depending on the method chosen.
  • In case of sagging and deformed buttocks, the patient can get rid of this image by applying the appropriate method to the problem.
  • After the operation, the buttocks appear straight, fresh and well shaped. The hip area becomes more aesthetic.
  • The lines of the buttocks become clear and reveal a plump and youthful appearance.
  • Since the results of the operation are usually close to perfection, the patient’s psychology improves and he/she is more successful in his/her social life.


As the method applied in plastic surgery of the buttocks varies according to the patient and their problem, it is difficult to express a specific process, but as some points are common to all three methods, they should be mentioned.

In the period following surgery, it is recommended that the patient use a corset for periods ranging from three to six weeks in order to achieve full results. The healing process is usually completed within ten days, but medical monitoring continues until the end of the sixth month. Satisfactory results begin to be seen after the brace is discontinued. The first ten days of the six months is a period during which the patient must be more cautious because of hygiene problems.

After the operation, bruising, redness and slight swelling are possible and expected. By paying the utmost attention to hygiene, complications such as infections can be avoided.

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