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Revision rhinoplasty operations are operations applied to patients who are not satisfied with the results of previous operations. The main reason for performing these operations is that the results of the previous rhinoplasty do not meet the expectations, or the problematic appearance that arises, as well as some medical problems. For example; difficulty in breathing, frequent nosebleeds, etc. Even rhinoplasty surgery, which is applied to a patient for the first time, is classified as a difficult surgery in terms of the predictability of the results. The need for individual planning for each patient not only prevents standardization of the process but also ensures the results from being consistent. On the other hand, revision rhinoplasty operations, carry an extra challenge as it requires dealing with the results of the first operation in addition to these initial problems.


Revision rhinoplasty is performed on patients who are not satisfied enough with their preceding surgery. The reasons for this dissatisfaction can be various. In general, there are some situations that cause problems to take place. Inability to fully establish the surgeon-patient dialogue before the operation; The surgeon’s specialization is not adequate to perform the current operation or the results are different from the desired due to the inclusion of unaccounted variables in the operation. As a consequence of undesirable results for one reason or another, a second rhinoplasty surgery is requested by patients as a result of the emergence of undesirable results in the process following the rhinoplasty operation. These operations are defined as revision rhinoplasty operations. However, the first operation requires more expertise, experience and care as they seriously affect the results of revision rhinoplasty operations.
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The revision rhinoplasty surgery starts with a very well-planned stage. The planning phase, which begins with elements such as examining the patient’s facial structure, determining the ideal ratio of the nose, finding the reasons for the failure of the other operation and correcting them; it continues with the improving of the patient’s psychology and preparing the patient for the operation. If necessary, cartilage can also be removed from the rib or ear. During the operation, which is usually performed under general anesthesia, the nose is reshaped to its previously planned proportions and shape. When performing an operation, it is important to be aware of the possibility of unexpected situations arising from the previous operation that were not foreseen during the first observation. Since it would not be easy to have a second unsuccessful surgery for the patient, revision rhinoplasty operations should be performed by specialist surgeons. In the period following the operation, a follow-up of about one year will give a better idea of the severity of the operation. The swelling and bruising that occurs after the operation will decrease within a few days.


Revision rhinoplasty is a serious and difficult surgery. In addition to the inherent difficulty of rhinoplasty operations, the fact that the goal of the operation is to correct the results of a first, failed rhinoplasty operation provides additional difficulty. When these difficulties are combined, the factors to be considered by the patient and the doctor increase.


In order for the results of the operation to be complete and successful, all recommendations given by the doctor before and after the operation should be strictly followed. Habits such as smoking and alcohol that impair healing factors should be avoided; blood thinners should be discontinued at least one week before the operation. As part of the process following surgery, there may be splints and pads placed in the nasal area. It is important to keep the surgical area away from impact until the doctor confirms that the results of the surgery are resolved.

Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel
Revizyon Burun Estetiği İşleminin Avantajları Nedir?


The main advantage of revision surgeries is that patients will have experienced the process they will face in a second surgery. They will therefore be able to describe the desired results in a complete and comprehensive manner.

  • If, in spite of rhinoplasty, deformities or an undesirable appearance of the nose area occur, it is possible to correct this situation by a revision operation.
  • After the operation, the nose becomes proportional to the face, pleasing to the eye and more capable of performing its basic functions.
  • After a successful revision surgery, other problems such as the inability to breathe through the nose can also be resolved.
  • The results of the operation vary from patient to patient. Although planning the process fully and accurately is the key to success, the results are unstable due to some situations that could not be taken into account beforehand.


The planning of revision rhinoplasty operations varies from patient to patient, according to the way the previous surgery was performed. The recovery processes also follow this principle. During the dialogue between the doctor and the patient, the recovery process should be explained to the patient in terms of how the operation is performed. To talk about the process in general:

  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia and the patient is discharged one day after the operation. It takes approximately 6 months to 1 year to obtain the final results. The first results closest to the final result can be obtained at the end of the third month.
  • Bruising, edema and swelling may occur after the operation, which usually decreases significantly at the end of the first week and completely disappears in the following days.
  • As a result, revision rhinoplasty surgeries are more difficult than standard rhinoplasty surgeries, where more variables are calculated.

Therefore, revision rhinoplasty operations are more difficult than standard rhinoplasty operations, and more variables are calculated. Although there are several advantages to performing the surgeries, it is more rational to not have to perform revision surgeries by examining the work properly.

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