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The skin on the inside of the leg loses its elasticity over time, the fatty tissue underneath weakens and sinks downwards under the effect of gravity. The weight gain and loss trigger a sagging. The sagging and gathering of skin reduces the distance between the two legs, causing problems such as rashes, irritation and deterioration of appearance. To get through the day more comfortably and have a more aesthetic appearance of the legs, a thigh lift operation is performed.


With the effect of time and weight changes, sagging and loosening occur on the inside of the leg. The thigh lift operation allows for the correction of the sagging and loosening of the skin. The course of the thigh lift operation differs depending on the extent of the sagging and the condition of the fatty tissue.


Thigh lift surgery is effective in resolving the problems seen inside the leg. It is usually preferred at an advanced age. The situations that thigh lift surgery can resolve are:


  • Sagging and loose skin gathered just below the groin is eliminated by stretching.
  • Sagging skin that starts at the groin and continues downward can be aestheticized with a stretching procedure.
  • Problems such as cracks on the inside of the legs can be eliminated in the area where the procedure will be applied.
  • Problems such as diaper rash and irritation that bother the person due to the looseness and sagging of the skin inside the leg are eliminated.
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The sagging that occurs just below the groin area on the inside of the leg is gathered and hidden in the skin. The gathered and stretched skin creates an aesthetic appearance. Loosening and sagging of the skin can begin in the groin and continue downward. Such extensive sagging cannot be collected and hidden. Some of the sagging skin must be removed. In this procedure, excess skin is cut and removed to give a taut appearance to the leg. If the skin is too thick to be stretched, this procedure is performed in conjunction with liposuction. Liposuction is actually known as fat removal. Usually, stretching is also performed after liposuction to prevent the skin from sagging. In the process where excess skin is removed, a scar remains on the inner side of the leg in the form of a line. These scars are not visible from the front or the back and do not pose a major visual problem. Nevertheless, there are treatments that can make the scars disappear.


During the thigh lift procedure, a general anesthesia is used. The patient is therefore hospitalized for one day. After the procedure, a drain may be placed in the leg to prevent fluid accumulation. A corset is used for one month after the procedure.


Complications after a thigh lift operation do not develop very often. Measures are taken against possible risks. However, some situations can still occur.


If hygiene is not observed after an operation, the infection may develop, and hematoma, necrosis, hypertrophic wounds may appear. In order to prevent them, it is necessary to pay attention to the doctor’s recommendations. The scar left after the operation can be large and uncomfortable. In order to avoid this situation, leg movements should be limited for a while after the procedure.


Keeping in touch with the doctor during the recovery period and following the recommendations will reduce the risks.

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The thigh lift is a permanent operation. An excessive weight gain during the postoperative period can recreate the problem. The effect lasts as long as the weight condition is taken into account. In addition, if there is a pregnancy in the near future, it is recommended to do so after the birth in terms of permanence.


The healing process after a thigh lift procedure is mostly complete in 6 weeks. You should not shower for two days after the procedure. It is necessary to use the corset for the period recommended by your doctor. After the procedure, leg movements must be restricted for the period determined by the doctor. This restriction is necessary to keep the scars as inconspicuous as possible. After ten days, you can return to your normal life for the most part. Unless your doctor advises otherwise, you can resume sports activities after five to six weeks.


Thigh lift procedures take 2 to 4 hours under general anesthesia. Before and after the surgery, there are certain things that the patient should pay attention to in order to get the best result:

  • It is helpful to stop smoking some time before the procedure.
  • The medications used should be communicated to your doctor.
  • Your doctor should be informed of any existing allergies or illnesses.
  • Do not shower for two days after the surgery.
  • A corset should be used for the period of time recommended by the doctor.
  • The hygiene of the treated area must be given special attention.
  • Sudden movements of the legs should be avoided. Movement should be limited for as long as your doctor considers appropriate.
Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel