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Problems such as sagging and loss of fullness can occur in the breasts due to aging, periods such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain and weight loss. The sagging and deflated appearance can be delayed with exercise and a healthy diet, but surgery is ultimately unavoidable. Massages and creams are ineffective against sagging. The problem of sagging breasts can be solved by breast lift surgery. If the volume of the breasts is small, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery can be performed together in the same session, depending on the patient’s request. The breast lift is a very comfortable and less painful operation for the patient. It gives convincing results. In a short period of time, a firmer, straighter, healthier and more attractive appearance is achieved.


As a result, over time, due to some factors, the breast may lose its firmness and sag. The operation performed to solve this problem is called breast lift surgery.


Breast lift operations are applied to correct the sagging appearance of the breast. Here are some situations that may require intervention:

  • A slight sagging of the breast can be lifted by leaving smaller scars.
  • In the case of a medium and major sagging, the lift is performed leaving relatively more scars. This refers to sagging that extends beyond the lower line of the breast.
  • If the breast cracks are in the area to be treated, they are removed.
  • If the facelift alone is not sufficient, it can be supported by breast augmentation or reduction operations.
  • The image obtained with breast augmentation can also be obtained with this procedure alone.

The breast lift is a procedure preferred at older ages. Although it is not applicable to those under the age of 18, there is no upper age limit. People with conditions that severely affect the healing of wounds should be treated with caution. Since various health problems may prevent the operation from being carried out, you should not avoid giving information about previous operations and illnesses during the examination by your doctor.

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Breast lift surgery can be planned in different ways depending on the state of sagging. If the sagging is mild or if the nipples sag at different levels to below the lower breast line, the planning of the operation is done by calculating these variables. In general, for early stage sagging, an incision is made in the dark colored area surrounding the nipples. Excess and sagging skin is removed. For second stage sagging, an incision is made around the darker part of the breast or downward from the nipple. The excess skin is removed through this incision. In the third stage of sagging, the size of the incision increases. An incision of about 5 centimeters from the nipple and extending under the breast is made or an inverted T-shaped incision from the nipple is made. The excess skin is removed from here.


General anesthesia is applied to the patient in breast lift surgeries. Therefore, the patient should spend at least one night in the hospital after the operation. A drain may need to be placed, if used, it is usually removed the next day before discharge.


After the breast lift surgery, there may be some swelling and bruising. These will begin to decrease after a week or two. Slight pain may be experienced in the days following the surgery. If the augmentation is performed at the same time as the facelift, arm movements may be painful, but not to the point of reducing the patient’s quality of life. After the operation, a drain can be used to avoid blood accumulation and edema. The healing process for scars varies from person to person. In order to speed up this process, it will be helpful to use medications prescribed by the doctor, eat healthy and not smoke. Heavy activities should be avoided in the first few weeks after surgery so as not to damage the operation area.


Your doctor will take the necessary precautions for any risks that may occur during breast lift surgery. During the recovery process, it is essential that the patients be attentive and apply these precautions with their physician.

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It is usually sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for one day after the breast lift surgery. Water should not touch the area for at least two days after surgery. Dressings are changed when the patient is called for checkup during the first week. It is recommended to use a medical bra (sports bra) for 3 to 6 weeks after the operation. After the operation, your doctor will prescribe the medication you need to take. These medications will include painkillers for any pain you may have, antibiotics to prevent the risk of infection, and medication for scarring. It is important to use them regularly as recommended. The patient can usually return to work five days after the breast lift. There is no major pain, but if the procedure is performed with a breast prosthesis, arm movements may trigger pain. This condition is temporary. Bruising and swelling may occur after surgery; healing is rapid in the weeks following surgery. The patient is advised not to participate in heavy sports for one month. Scars vary depending on the quality of the skin and the lifestyle of the person. Habits such as smoking have a negative effect on wound healing.


Breast lift surgery is permanent, but situations such as major weight changes and pregnancy can cause the appearance of the breasts to deteriorate. For this reason, we recommend that the operation be performed after pregnancy and breastfeeding have ended.


The points that the patient should pay attention to before and after the breast lift operation and which affect the healing process are :

  • Before the operation, a breast ultrasound will be requested by your doctor.
  • It is necessary to quit smoking at least 1 week before the operation.
  • Foods and drugs that have blood thinning effects should not be taken.
  • The patient should give the doctor complete information about current diseases, medications used, and past diseases.
  • Water should not touch the treated area for two days after the operation.
  • Bandages and dressings should not be wetted and should be kept clean.
  • After the procedure, a medical bra (sports bra) should be used for at least three to six weeks.
  • Heavy sports and activities should be avoided for a month.
  • Medicines prescribed by your doctor should be used regularly.
Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel