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The procedure for the aesthetics of reshaping ears is called otoplasty. During this surgery, the deformities of the auricle and earlobe or the size of the ears that bother the patient are brought back to the desired shape. The otoplasty surgery takes an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour and the recovery process is very comfortable. Unnaturally large or misshapen ears can lead to low self-esteem at any age. School-age children, in particular, may be excluded from society because of their physical characteristics. Otoplasty is a procedure that can be performed on children of any age. Ear aesthetics is a surgery to resolve the size and deformity of the ear cartilage. It can be applied with or without surgery (wire). The results of the non-surgical wire method are usually not permanent, which is why it is not preferred. Surgery is generally preferred in terms of permanence of the procedure.


The aesthetic treatment of protruding ears is called otoplasty. In these procedures, deformities of the auricle and lobe or ear size that bother the patient are brought back to the desired shape. It can be seen in the form of oversized cartilage in the ear, earlobe and ear deformities. Otoplasty procedures are performed in a short time and the healing process is comfortable. Abnormally large or deformed ears can be a problem for a person at any age. The person may feel uncomfortable in the environments they frequent and try to close them. These problems are resolved in a short time with hollow ear procedures.


Otoplasty is performed in cases of visual problems with the cartilage of the ear. The problems that can be solved by this procedure are the following:

  • Otoplasty can be applied in cases where the ear cartilage has a prominent appearance or deformities.
  • Otoplasty can be applied if the ear cartilage is larger than normal.
  • If the ear cartilage protrudes forward, the cartilage can be placed backward.
  • Visible deformities in the earlobe can be corrected by otoplasty.

There is no upper age limit in the application of otoplasty, known as prominent ear aesthetics. While other cosmetic procedures cannot be performed before the age of 18, this surgery can be performed as young as 4-5 years old. Especially in childhood, it may be preferred at an early age so that the child is not severely affected when making friends. The development of the ear is completed by the age of 4 years. Therefore, the age limit begins at four years of age.

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Otoplasty is performed using different techniques depending on the problem area and the age of the patient. At a very young age, thanks to the flexibility of the cartilage, it is possible to shape the ear to the desired shape using stitches. Excess cartilage and soft tissue in the ear can be removed as needed. In each of these surgeries, an incision is made behind the ear, sutures are applied after the surgery and the area is covered with a bandage. An elastic bandage is placed. The surgery can be performed under general or local anesthesia, depending on the patient’s needs. If local anesthesia is used, it is possible to leave the hospital the same day.


The possibility of bleeding in  ear surgeries is very low, but a build-up of blood can rarely be seen. This is a treatable condition. Regular dressing is recommended to prevent infection after the surgery. Bandages used for some time after surgery help maintain the shape created during surgery. Cosmetic ear surgery is very successful.

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Otoplasty is a permanent surgery. The dressing to be applied after the surgery must be used day and night for the first week. During the second week, it is used only at night. If the surgery patient is a child, he or she can return to school after one week. Regular dressing is recommended after the surgery. If self-sealing stitches were used during the surgery, they do not need to be removed. If these stitches are not preferred, they will be removed by your doctor after some time. In adults, the period of return to work is less than a week, or even the next day. After the surgery, medical check-ups are scheduled according to the patient’s needs. Although the degree of frequency decreases over time, the check-ups last up to 6 months. The incision opened during the surgery is hidden behind the ear, so that the scars are not visible.


If we list the things to consider before and after an otoplasty :

  • Prior to surgery, your doctor should be fully informed of previous illnesses, medications used and allergies, if any.
  • Medications such as aspirin should be discontinued at least 7 days prior to surgery and should not be used until your physician indicates otherwise.
  • The dressing should not be opened for the specified period after surgery. Dressing changes should be made the same day.
  • The doctor’s checks should not be interrupted after the surgery.
  • Bandage use should continue for the period specified by the doctor.
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