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Non-surgical hand rejuvenation is a method that aims to provide the aesthetic desired by the patient in terms of the methods used and does not include surgical techniques. The application of these methods on the patient eliminates problems such as pitting, deformity, loss of elasticity, excessive tension and skin discoloration in the hand area. The procedure usually includes laser methods and filler treatments applied under local anesthesia.


Our hands are exposed to various effects over time due to environmental factors and aging. Although these effects vary depending on the intensity and type of external factors, they basically lead to results such as stains, loss of elasticity or, on the contrary, excessive tension. Intervening on these results with non-surgical methods aims to provide the aesthetics desired by the patient in the hand area. Hand rejuvenation methods are generally laser applications and filler treatments.


Since the basic requirement for cosmetic surgery to be performed is the presence of aesthetic disorders in the area to be treated, non-surgical hand rejuvenation applications can also be applied to people with these disorders. Since the sources of aesthetic disorders occurring in the hand area in general are old age and frequent use, although non-surgical hand rejuvenation surgery can be performed on anyone in theory, it is usually performed on patients of advanced age and on patients with disorders of the shape and volume of the hand area due to frequent use.


It is also possible to apply this operation to patients who have lost the aesthetics of their hand at an early age for various reasons. Except in extreme situations, hand rejuvenation applications are not performed on patients under the age of twelve. However, if deemed appropriate by the medical specialist, this age group can also be included in the procedure.

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The applications of non-surgical hand rejuvenation methods are increasing day by day.


There are three applications of non-surgical hand rejuvenation methods. The first, creams and natural healing treatments, generally delay results; the other two methods eliminate the results that do occur. The first of these is the fractional laser treatment used to resolve sagging skin on the hand and vice versa. Laser treatments also eliminate spots in the hand area. The second method consists of filler treatments that give the hand area a plump look by eliminating volume loss.


Although hand rejuvenation procedures are non-surgical methods, there are several things to consider. The main motivation for the patient to take into account is the desire to have a successful operation and the desired level of results.


The patient must protect himself from the destructive effects of sunlight. When exposed to the sun, it is imperative to use sunscreen.


The patient should keep the operated area free of heavy loads and exercises. Maximum care should be taken until the results of the operation on the skin are settled.

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Patients who use non-surgical methods of hand rejuvenation to achieve the aesthetic they desire instead of surgical methods enjoy a variety of benefits. While some of these benefits are specific to hand rejuvenation surgery, others are benefits that reflect the nature of cosmetic procedures.


  • One of the first things people look at on the human body is the human hand. Smooth, neat and well-shaped hands are important to impress the other party.
  • With non-surgical hand rejuvenation applications, the patient gets all the above mentioned features.
  • Excessive sagging of the hand skin is recovered and an aesthetic appearance is gained.
  • Problems such as blemishes due to various reasons are eliminated.


Since the area where the application is performed, the way it is done and the techniques applied vary from patient to patient, each patient must strictly follow the recommendations of the doctor performing the procedure for successful results. Here is what can be said about the process experienced by each patient and what to do:

  • Since the operation is non-surgical, the patient can resume his or her social life immediately after the session.
  • In the days following the surgery, the patient is recommended to use healing creams and sunscreen.
  • The patient may shower in the process following the operation, but should avoid having water that is too cold or too hot come into contact with the area.
  • Complete results are only possible with the application of all sessions.
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