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Non-surgical chin tip aesthetics is a procedure in which a filler containing hyaluronic acid and other substances as needed is injected into the chin area using fine cannulas or injectors. While the procedure does not usually require anesthesia, it can be performed under local anesthesia in patients who are sensitive to pain. Although the permanence of the application is between six months and two years, the results start to disappear gradually after the first year.

With non-surgical chin tip aesthetics, patients can harmonize the chin area with the rest of their face without any surgical intervention. The basis of non-surgical chin tip aesthetics is fillers, as with all other non-surgical methods. These fillers can be applied to certain areas in certain amounts and the chin tip can be shaped.


There are many reasons why non-surgical chin tip aesthetics are preferred over surgical methods. These include the simplicity of the procedure, its short duration, and sparing the patient the risks of the surgical method.


In addition, patients who will have permanent aesthetics with the surgical method prefer the non-surgical method in order to see a simulation of the process after the aesthetic, and depending on the results of the non-surgical method, they either consider continuing with this method or switching to the surgical method.


Patients who feel that the problem in the chin area is not significant find it unnecessary to bear the risks of the surgical method for such small problems and prefer the non-surgical method, which is described as almost risk-free, and find minimal and controllable solutions to their small aesthetic problems.

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Non-surgical chin tip aesthetics is described as a simple and easy procedure like other aesthetic procedures performed with fillers. In general, anesthesia is not applied during the procedure. For pain-sensitive patients, this application can be done with anesthetic creams. Before the procedure, the areas to be worked on and the amount of filler to be used are determined. Determining which areas will be filled with which amount of filler is important for the predictability of the results of the chin aesthetic.


After determining the area and amount of the procedure, the filler material is prepared. The content of the filler material is hyaluronic acid. Since hyaluronic acid is a product that is naturally present in the body and increases the water collection capacity, it creates fullness in the area where it is injected. The product being biological, it does not present any danger for the human health.


Once all the processes are completed, the filling material is injected using fine cannulas or injectors specially produced for aesthetic procedures performed with the filling. Through the injection process, results such as enlargement of the tip of the chin, elongation, modification of its shape, clarification, and revelation of the lines can be achieved.


With the experience gained from all the aesthetic procedures performed with fillers, non-surgical chin tip aesthetics has become an easy procedure. Although it is convenient and easy, there are some points to consider.

  • Prior to surgery, the patient’s wishes should be properly understood and the extent to which those wishes can be met should be determined.
  • The filling material should be given time to adapt to the chin area, and the chin area should be protected from heavy massage and effects during this time.
  • Although the patient can shower without issue, it is important to keep the filled area away from extremely hot or cold water for optimal results.
  • In the period following the procedure, the chin area should not be made up or exposed to other chemicals.
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Non-surgical chin tip aesthetics has various advantages over surgical applications. Patients who believe they have deformities in the chin area and need cosmetic surgery should weigh the benefits of the surgical method against those of the non-surgical method.

  • The patient achieves an aesthetic appearance, albeit temporary, while avoiding the risks and difficult to modify results of the surgical method.
  • The application of fillers achieves most of the results that can be achieved with surgery. The tip of the chin is harmonized with the other parts of the face. An aesthetic image is obtained from the right, left and opposite profile, which allows the patient to be more successful in his or her social life.
  • The procedure usually does not require anesthesia. Anesthetic creams or local anesthesia can be applied to patients who are sensitive to pain or in pain. Because of the simplicity of the procedure, the patient is also protected from the risks of general anesthesia.
  • Since hyaluronic acid is a proven product for chin tip aesthetics, no side effects occur as a result of its use.


Since non-surgical chin tip aesthetics is performed by filling, no incisions are made. Like all filler applications, it does not involve any healing process. However, there are some points to consider.

  • The procedure is performed without anesthesia for all but the most sensitive patients, and they do not experience significant pain.
  • Thanks to the fine cannulas and injectors used to inject the hyaluronic acid, there is no bruising or swelling in the area of the procedure. Any redness and swelling will disappear quickly.

Therefore, with the non-surgical aesthetics of the chin tip applied with the filling method, the patient can achieve all the results that can be obtained with the surgical method. Depending on the results of this procedure, the patient can decide whether or not to proceed with a surgical method. If he is satisfied with the results and does not want to resort to the surgical method, he can continue his life by having the filling procedure repeated.

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