VAGINOPLASTY (Vaginal Aesthetics)

Although the places that people can see at first sight are the first ones that come to mind when it comes to aesthetics, the concept of aesthetics refers to a wider area of operation. For women, the vaginal area is one of the first choices for these cosmetic operations. The lack of vaginal aesthetics at the desired level results in various disorders for women. One of these disorders is the fact of being psychologically bad. To avoid falling into this situation, women pay great attention to vaginal aesthetics. One of the main factors that ensure the aesthetics of the vagina is the phenomenon of narrowness – width. For various reasons, the vagina dilates over time and loses its elasticity. The emergence of such a situation comes back to the woman and her partner as a major sexual problem. The operation to shrink the vagina is called vaginoplasty. With this operation, an aesthetic procedure is performed by intervening on the muscular tissues that cause the sagging and widening of the vagina.


Vaginoplasty is the name given to the operation to shrink the vagina, which is dilated and loses its elasticity for various reasons, by surgical methods. The factors that cause the vagina to enlarge are quite numerous. The most common ones are :

  • Giving birth in the normal way. Any normal delivery has a negative effect on the elasticity of the vagina. In other words, the difference in vaginal width between a woman with one child and one with more than one child is quite significant.
  • Sagging vaginal tissue with age.
  • Genetic heritage is also one of the important factors in vaginal enlargement.
  • Excessive weight gain causes relaxation of the vaginal muscle tissue and naturally enlarges the vagina.
  • Weight loss, like excessive weight gain, causes muscle tissue to relax and the vagina to enlarge.
  • Menopause is also one of the most important causes of vaginal enlargement.

For these reasons, in case of vaginal enlargement, there are quite negative effects on the patient. Decreased pleasure in the patient’s sexual life due to the enlargement; situations such as noises coming from the vagina during sexual intercourse may occur. Vaginoplasty operations are performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, part of the sagging muscle tissue is removed using surgical methods. The removed part is located on the back wall of the vagina. The muscles that cause the enlargement are strengthened and narrowed by different methods. The operation is completed by suturing the cut tissue with self-dissolving sutures. Since the sutures disappear spontaneously over time, it is not necessary to remove them afterwards. If not combined with operations such as labiaplasty, vaginoplasty operations do not take more than one hour. However, it is usually combined with other operations for an overall aesthetic of the vagina.

Vajinoplasti Nedir ve Nasıl Yapılır?
Vajinoplasti Operasyonu Kimlere Yapılır?


Vaginoplasty can be performed on anyone with an enlarged vagina due to genetic and various other factors. The sufficient condition for the operation is that the person is not comfortable with the width of her vagina. Since a wide vagina has very negative effects on the social life of the woman and her partner, it is among the aesthetic problems that require urgent intervention. Since the biggest cause of enlargement is normal childbirth, it is unlikely to see vaginal enlargement in virgins. However, because the area of concern for the operation remains behind the membrane, this operation cannot be performed on virgins. The patient must give consent for the operation to be performed. In addition, although the patients to whom vaginoplasty is usually applied are patients whose age can be considered advanced, there is no disadvantage to perform this operation in their twenties or thirties.


Vaginoplasty is one of the cosmetic operations that can be performed quite easily and frequently. It can be told that plastic surgeons are very experienced in this regard because of the possibility of frequent application. In addition, since the operation is performed purely for aesthetic purposes, the preparation process can be quite long. After well-prepared operations, the risk and possibility of complications are considerably reduced. Nevertheless, as in any surgical operation, there are various risks. The most important of these risks are bleeding, infection and scarring. In case of excessive and uninterrupted bleeding, a doctor should be consulted. If there is a risk of infection, it can be easily resolved with antibiotics. In addition, the usual conditions such as spotting, pain and swelling can be observed. Painkillers are recommended for the pain and ice application for the swelling. Other than that, there are no serious risks or complications.

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Vajinoplasti Ameliyatından Önce ve Sonra Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler


Although vaginoplasty is a very easy operation, there are a few things to consider before and after. It is very important to give them maximum attention so that the operation is successful and the appearance of the vagina is ideal. It is necessary to detail the points to consider:

  • Before the operation, vaginal hygiene is very important.
  • Foods and medications as blood thinners should be avoided. The medications used should be shared with the surgeon and the dosage of the medications should be adjusted according to his recommendations. In addition, the diseases and operations performed to date should be explained in detail.
  • After the operation, the patient can resume his or her social life from the third day. Showering is not recommended during this process.
  • The patient should shower standing up until the tenth day. Water contact with the vagina should be kept to a minimum.
  • It is necessary to avoid sexual relations for a month to a month and a half and to avoid devices that come in direct contact with the vagina, such as tampons.