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The process of correcting the layer of fat and sagging between the underside of the chin and the neck area through surgical methods is called neck lift or jowl aesthetics. The method of operation is exactly the same as that used in facelift operations. Most of the time, jowl aesthetics is applied to the patient in combination with a facelift operation. In addition to the facelift process, the fat in this area is also removed by the liposuction method.


Under the influence of factors such as age, genetic predisposition and gravity, the angle between the submental and the neck deteriorates and its vertical position shifts towards the horizontal. When fat accumulation adds to the flattened angle between the under chin and neck, the area takes on a condition called double chin and this appearance makes the person look older and fatter than the side profiles. Because the fat in this area is in blocks, it is difficult to treat other than through cosmetic surgery.


Neck lift, or jowl aesthetic, surgeries are applied to individuals in whom the angle that would normally be close to ninety degrees in the neck area and under the chin is distorted and begins to shift toward the horizontal axis. In addition to the fact that this area fits this description in terms of angle, the appearance described as a double chin occurs when fat begins to accumulate under the chin, and this appearance makes the patient look older than their actual age. The main causes of this fat accumulation are age, genetics and severity.


The age range in which the surgery will be performed can generally be considered to be thirty-five years and older. As the body begins to deteriorate aesthetically after these ages, a general aesthetic anxiety appears in people. One of the main bases for this concern is the neck area. Common problems such as sagging, wrinkles and fat accumulation in the neck area cause individuals to feel older.


People usually undergo neck lift operations in combination with operations such as face lift and aim to make the facial area look more youthful, natural and aesthetically pleasing.

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Once the patient’s expectations are understood and the surgical planning is done, the operation phase is launched. Although local anaesthesia is usually used, general anaesthesia is also an option in some cases. Excess loose skin in the neck area is removed in the appropriate areas and stretching is applied. In the same session, liposuction is performed and fat accumulated in the jowl area under the chin is removed and the neck lift procedure is completed. In some cases, tightening can only be achieved by liposuction.


A neck lift, also known as a jowl lift, is an operation performed under anesthesia. During the operation, techniques such as surgical incisions and liposuction are used in combination. There are certain points to consider before and after such an operation.


  • Before the operation, the recommendations given by the specialist doctor must be strictly followed.
  • Habits that prevent healing, such as smoking and alcohol, must be abandoned.
  • A bandage should be used to avoid swelling and edema until the healing of the operated area is completed.
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Boyun Germe (Gıdı Estetiği) İşleminin Avantajları Nedir?


The neck lift, i.e. the jowl aesthetic operation, has various advantages arising from the method and purpose of the operation. Another advantage is that the operation can be applied in combination with other aesthetic operations.

  • The double chin, which occurs due to aging, genetics and gravity, disappears after the aesthetic operation and the person continues his or her social life with a younger and more aesthetic neck appearance.
  • The operation can be applied in combination with other facial aesthetic operations such as facelift and rhinoplasty.
  • After the operation, wrinkles and fat accumulation in the neck area are considerably reduced.
  • The operation is performed by specialist doctors under local or general anaesthetic, depending on the situation. The aesthetic image obtained after the operation allows the person to be more successful in social life.


The recovery process after the neck lift, i.e. jowl aesthetic surgery, includes hospitalization in the hospital and the resting phase at home after discharge.

  • After the operation, a pressure bandage is applied to the patient to prevent swelling and edema.
  • Bruising, pain, swelling and numbness may occur after surgery.
  • You must follow your doctor’s recommendations in order to achieve the desired results from stretching and liposuction. Smoking and alcohol consumption after surgery will delay and negatively affect recovery.
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