Genital Estetik (Labioplasti)


Aesthetic appearance is the key to happiness. How a person looks to others is as important as how they look to themselves. Although the things that other people can see at first glance are the first things that come to mind when it comes to aesthetics, aesthetic operations cover a wider area. Much of the motivation in people’s sexual lives is determined by how they view their bodies. It is known that women who do not consider themselves aesthetically sufficient are more unhappy in their sexual life. When we analyze the subject between the brackets of sexual life and the aesthetics of the spouse, we come directly to the vaginal aesthetics. The inner and outer lips are among the factors that determine the appearance of the vagina. When the inner and outer labia tend to expand or sag for hormonal or disease-related reasons, surgery is necessary. Labiaplasty is the process of aesthetically correcting the inner and outer lips of the vagina through surgery.


In some patients, vaginal aesthetics can deteriorate congenitally and in others later on. There are several factors that trigger this deterioration process. Genetic heredity is one of the main reasons for this. In addition, various diseases can also lead to a deterioration of vaginal aesthetics. At the beginning of the structures affecting the aesthetics of the vagina are the tissues called inner and soft lips. In general, the position, size and sagging of these labia determine the appearance of eight types of vaginas. In patients who require labiaplasty, the labia may be excessively sagging and enlarged. Labiaplasty surgeries achieve an aesthetic appearance by removing, reducing or tightening the labia. Almost all labiaplasty operations are performed for cosmetic purposes. The fact that the operation is performed for purely cosmetic purposes does not prevent the elimination of certain health problems. The drooping and large labia have an indirect effect on the patient’s health. Because of the large labia, the vagina retains moisture longer than normal, and the moisture promotes infections and fungus. With labiaplasty surgery, this situation is eliminated and the patient’s health is taken into consideration, albeit indirectly. In addition, the fact that the inner and outer lips are sagging and larger than normal can have a very negative impact on the patient’s psychological state. Patients’ confidence in their sexual life disappears and results such as unhappiness and depression appear. Labiaplasty operations start with the patient’s complaint to the doctor. After the necessary controls and examinations, the operation begins with an exchange of ideas between the patient and the doctor. The ideal size of the inner – outer lip is achieved with an operation that does not exceed half an hour. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, unless the patient has another preference. There is no scar after the operation. It is not necessary to remove the stitches that are thrown away during the operation, they disappear by themselves with time. The date of the operation is usually set immediately or one week after the end of menstruation. Analysis of statistical data shows that the results of the operation are quite good. In addition to its indirect positive contribution to health, the labiaplasty surgery allows to achieve an aesthetic appearance of the vagina. This is very important for the psychology of the patients and makes the patient feel healthier and better in the long run.

Genital Estetik (Labioplasti) Nedir ve Nasıl Yapılır?
Genital Estetik (Labioplasti) Kimlere Yapılır?


The condition for labiaplasty surgery is if the patient is not comfortable with the appearance of their vagina. Even if it is someone else’s ideal appearance, the fact that the patient is not comfortable with that appearance is a sufficient condition for labiaplasty surgery to be performed. If there are problems with the inner and outer lip that cause an aesthetic disorder of the vagina, it is decided to perform the surgery with the doctor-patient partnership. These problems can be congenital, i.e. genetic, as well as related to disease and age. The presence of various problems such as growth, sagging and symmetry of the inner and outer lips can be operated on regardless of the age group. It is important that patients who are aware of this problem consult their doctor and overcome it in order to bring psychological relief. In addition, there is nothing to prevent virgin women from undergoing labiaplasty. During the operation, there is a space of three to four centimeters between the aesthetic area and the membrane. In other words, it is not possible to tear the membrane, even accidentally.


Labiaplasty surgery is almost never performed as an emergency. Therefore, there is no reason why the preparation process for the operation should be as long as possible. After a well-prepared and well-considered operation, the risk of risk and complications is close to zero. Moreover, since labiaplasty, i.e. aesthetic operations of the inner – outer lip, has a purely aesthetic purpose and there is no direct intervention on a critical organ, it is classified as a very simple surgery. Today, it can be said that the doctor who will perform the operation is quite experienced, because the high number of requests offers experience to the doctors who perform the operation. Nevertheless, it is important to choose doctors who specialize in labiaplasty so that the operation is very successful and in accordance with the idea agreed upon after the patient-doctor interview.

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It is important to know that labiaplasty is a very simple operation. Although the operation is simple, there are certain situations that need to be taken into account due to the sensitivity of the area involved. Paying attention to them means both the success of the operation and the protection of the success of the operation with the comfort of the patient after the operation. Please note that it is necessary to count the things to be taken into account in the articles :

  • The maximum attention must be paid to vaginal hygiene before the operation. Vaginal cleanliness should be maintained at a maximum level.
  • Foods and blood thinners should be avoided. Medications used should be shared with the surgeon performing the operation and should be continued as recommended. It is also important to share your medical history with the surgeon.
  • Do not shower for the first two days after surgery. After that, you should shower standing up for ten days.
  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided for the first month after surgery.