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As one of the most requested aesthetic operations by women today, breast augmentation surgery is applied to give a fuller proportion to the body, to obtain a more feminine appearance, and to increase the self-confidence of the person and is becoming more popular day by day.


It is possible, with breast augmentation, to obtain the desired size and shape of the breast.


In breast augmentation surgery, a silicone implant is placed in the affected area through a small incision. By paying attention to the proportion between the upper and lower body, it becomes possible to have more vigorous lines permanently with a breast augmentation.


Breast augmentation is an operation that relies on the placement of silicone implants of various structures and sizes in the area, taking into account the needs and wishes of the patient, and the results are very pleasing. This application can also be performed by injecting fat into the breast in suitable patients to correct the dimples.


There is no upper age limit for breast augmentation, but it is not recommended for those under the age of 18. Any person whose health condition does not constitute an obstacle can undergo the operation.

  • Breast size is usually genetic. Breast augmentation may be preferred if the breasts have not reached the desired size by the time the developmental phase (adolescence) is over.
  • In most women, there are differences in shape and size between the two breasts, and surgery can be performed to make the breasts more symmetrical.
  • As a result of processes such as pregnancy and breastfeeding, sagging occurs in the lower part of the breast and loses its volume. The breast, which becomes dull and flabby, is restored to its desired appearance with this operation.
  • It can be applied to recreate the appearance of the breasts following diseases such as cancer, where the breast is completely removed.
  • It can be applied to correct deformity after previous breast augmentation surgeries or to correct it during a second surgery if there is capsule formation.

It is important not to hide this information from your doctor, as conditions that cause problems with the healing of wounds and recent significant weight changes can interfere with the procedure.

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Breast augmentation is an operation that takes an average of 2 hours. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The silicone implants to be placed are inserted through the small incision. The incision can be made from the armpit, the lower area of ​​the breast, or the brown area on the nipple. The patient and the doctor decide together on the place of the incision to be made during the operation.


The types of silicone implants that are placed in the area during the breast augmentation process vary. There are round and anatomical-shaped silicone implants. While the horizontal and vertical diameters of the round implant are equal, the shape of the anatomical implant resembles a drop. Due to the general anesthesia, the first night after the operation is spent in the hospital, and the patient can usually be discharged the next day. It is possible to return to work 5 to 7 days after the operation.


Breast augmentation surgeries involve very low risks when they are performed by the right clinic and an experienced surgeon and when the person follows the rules of hygiene during the recovery period. Side effects that may occur after surgery are usually temporary.


There is rarely any pain after a breast augmentation. If the silicone implant is placed under the muscles, pain may be triggered by arm movements. There may be a feeling of swelling and tightness in the breast for one or two days after the operation. There may be some slight swelling due to edema formation after surgery, but it begins to subside by the second day. FDA-approved silicone implants that fit the body structure are selected. The deformity may rarely occur in patients due to the formation of the capsule over a long period, so the selection of the silicone implant is important. It is unlikely that people who have undergone breast augmentation will encounter problems caused by silicone during pregnancy and breastfeeding in later life.


Apart from all these, it is the most important criterion to consider your doctor’s recommendations and prohibitions before and after the procedure.

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The recovery process for breast augmentation surgery is quite quick. The patient can be discharged from the hospital the day after the operation. Rest is recommended for about 5 days. At the end of this period, it is possible to return to work. Tape is placed over the incision areas. The band must be used for two weeks and it is necessary to consult the doctor who performed the operation to remove it. You should not shower for two days after the operation. On the third day, you can shower without removing the band. It is necessary to wear a medical bra (sports bra) for one month after the operation. The goal is to ensure that the area regains its desired appearance.


The permanence of breast augmentation depends on many factors. If pregnancy occurs after breast augmentation, the breast may be deformed. Reoperation may be necessary to correct this appearance. If the procedure is performed at an early age, before the breast tissue is fully formed, age-related changes may occur afterwards. Excessive and rapid weight gain and loss also affect the appearance of the silicone implant. Because of these situations, deformity is less likely to occur when surgery is scheduled after pregnancy.


If we list the points to be considered before and after the breast augmentation operation:

  • The patients should clearly explain their expectation from the operation to the doctor. In order to achieve natural results that are suitable for the body, the doctor’s advice should be taken into account.
  • They should give the doctor complete information about current diseases, medications used, and past diseases. Ten days before the operation, medications with blood thinning effects should be discontinued under the control of a doctor.
  • Excessive exercise and activities should be avoided for one month after the operation.
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