Ameliyatsız Burun Estetiği Nedir?


The results of the surgical method can be described as irreversible. Although this process can be modified by revised rhinoplasty operations, it is a laborious and expensive process. Since the fillers used in non-surgical rhinoplasty lose their effect over time, they can be used to observe the possible results of the surgery and to achieve a short-term aesthetic appearance. Since the filling method is used in many cosmetic procedures, its reliability is high.


The nasal area can face a variety of problems depending on genetic and environmental factors. While the ultimate solution to these problems is surgery, patients may prefer non-surgical rhinoplasty because of the various risks and disadvantages of surgery and the convenience of non-surgical methods. The fact that the procedure is easy and gives reversible results is one of the reasons why patients prefer non-surgical rhinoplasty.


There are many reasons why non-surgical rhinoplasty is preferred. First, if the extent of the problem in the nasal area does not match the risks involved with surgery, patients minimize the risks they may encounter by choosing the non-surgical method. Second, because patients who are going to have surgery know that the results of surgery are difficult to return, they apply this method before surgery to simulate the results and observe them in advance. In addition, those who do not yet want radical changes in the nose area, those who have problems with low nasal tip, those who want to raise their nose a bit even if it is flat, those who have profile disorders, those who aim to correct the contour ask for this procedure. Therefore, patients prefer this method for all problems that can be solved by a non-surgical method and aim to see the results of a surgical procedure.

Ameliyatsız Burun Estetiği Kimlere Yapılır?
Ameliyatsız Burun Estetiği Nedir?


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple and quick procedure. Although anesthesia is not required during the procedure, local anesthesia may be used in some patients. First, it is necessary to determine which areas will be treated, i.e. which areas will be filled. It is important to determine which areas will be properly filled and how much filling material to use in those areas in order to perform a rhinoplasty.


The content of the filling material is usually hyaluronic acid, which increases the water collection capacity of the area where it is injected and gives a plumped-up appearance. Hyaluronic acid is one of the substances naturally present in the body.


In the process following the determination of the areas to be filled and the amount of filler material, the prepared filler material is injected into the nasal area using cannulas or fine injectors. This injection procedure shows long-term effects in the correction of irregularities and depressions. To raise the tip of the nose, the muscles used for this purpose are filled and the muscles are tightened and the tip of the nose is lifted.


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple and short operation. However, simplicity and short duration do not mean that nothing can be ignored. It is important to pay attention to certain points before and after the procedure.

  • A complete agreement must be reached between the doctor who will perform the procedure and the patient. This is an important issue for obtaining a complete result in one go. If necessary, it is a matter of obtaining more reliable results with repeated injections.
  • Massaging and abrupt movements should be avoided so that the filler material remains and adapts to the desired area.
  • The patient can shower without any problem, but it is necessary to protect the filled area from extremely hot and extremely cold water.
  • During the week following the procedure, the patient should not apply heavy makeup to the nose area and should keep the area free of chemicals.
Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel