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One of the details that determine the characteristic features of the human body is undoubtedly the dimples formed unilaterally or bilaterally. As it is known, people are born with dimples, and this can also be achieved through surgery by shortening the muscles of the body and giving them a shape different from the normal. In general, dimples are located in various parts of the face, chin or waist and add a positive difference to the aesthetic appearance of the individual.


Dimples on the face bring with them various aesthetic beauties. People who do not have dimples and want new dimples to form on the face can request a plastic surgery. Thanks to the recently developed treatment methods, it is possible to form dimples on the face or chin of the person if aesthetics is sought. The facial features become much more distinct and characteristic with the formation of dimples. In addition to the facial dimple, a Venus dimple (waist dimple) can also be created by your surgeon.


Although dimple aesthetics is performed in two different ways, this situation depends entirely on the patient’s wishes. As we know, there are two different dimples in the human body, one of which is on the face and chin, and the other can be defined as the Venus dimple, which is the dimple formed on the waist. After examinations by your plastic surgeon, dimples can be created on the face and waist for both men and women. While the facial dimple is desired by almost all individuals, the Venus dimple aesthetic, i.e. the waist dimple, is generally preferred by women.



When the human body is examined, especially the details at some points also provide a beautiful appearance. One of the most pleasant details on our body is the Venus dimple, which is not found in every person, but gives a different aesthetic appearance. Venus dimple, which occurs in the part between the butt and the waist and adds a very beautiful appearance to the body in terms of aesthetics, can also be defined as pits in this area. Venus dimples are especially requested by celebrities, models or individuals who want to have fine details.

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Dimple aesthetics is performed in different ways and durations depending on the area where it is applied. First, the patient is examined by your doctor and the two areas where the dimple will be created are marked and various tests are performed to avoid any problems during the procedure. In the case of dimple creation on the face, a 3 to 4 millimeter incision is made in the mouth and the procedure is performed from there. This procedure, which is performed with the application of a local anesthetic lasting about 15 to 20 minutes, is a completely scarless application.


Dimple application in the waist area consists of thinning the skin in the waist area under local anesthesia and making the dimple appear. During the procedure, which takes about 20 to 25 minutes, no pain is felt.


Although the plastic surgery of dimples is one of the easy procedures with various advantages, it is necessary to pay attention to some details after the treatment.

  • It is recommended to feed the person with light food on the day of the procedure.
  • It is recommended not to bring hot liquids into contact with the area where the procedure was performed for two days, as well as not to do heavy exercises.
  • Although swelling usually occurs in the facial area, it disappears within a few days. Remember to contact your doctor if it becomes chronic or if the pain persists continuously.
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Although the healing process of dimple aesthetics is much shorter than that of other procedures, it is one of the applications with the least amount of side effects and complications. After the procedures, which last about 15-20 minutes, the patient can be discharged the same day if there are no complications.


If the person uses the medications given during the time spent at home and pays attention to the details to be avoided, the healing process is much faster. The swelling and edema of the face disappears completely within a week. After about 2 weeks, the dimple is completely formed and takes the shape desired by the person and becomes clearly visible. After the procedure, additional details such as removal of stitches and dressing do not take place and the patient’s recovery process is shortened.


If the patient is not satisfied with the dimple procedure or if he/she asks to be returned to his/her old shape, it is possible to restore his/her old appearance with a small intervention by your doctor. The quality of the method applied by your doctor has a positive impact on the healing and return process.