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Migraine, also known as “chronic headache”, occurs when pain, suffering and pressure in the head area continue continuously. Migraine has a significant negative impact on the individual’s life and leads to heavy medication use. The causes of migraine can be defined as the relaxation and contraction of certain vessels in the brain. The symptoms of migraine are as follows;

  • Nausea with headache.
  • Light disrupts and increases your headache.
  • Inability to perform daily activities and sleep problems.
  • The pain is chronic and does not go away for a long time.

If the above symptoms occur, you should definitely contact your doctor and determine the method of treatment. Today, the most widely used non-surgical treatment for migraine is botox. Migraine is undoubtedly one of the most common diseases suffered by individuals today, especially women. Migraine, which results in chronic headaches, causes pain and excessive consumption of medication by individuals. People who want to get rid of the harm of medication and pain prefer non-surgical treatment of migraine. Although migraine can be treated with surgical methods, it is now possible to prevent migraine without surgery due to the developing treatment options. In addition, the fact that the effect lasts for a long time and that the use of medication is reduced also explains the choice of non-surgical treatment of migraine over surgical methods.


The Botox method, which is a non-surgical cosmetic operation, was first used in the treatment of migraine after research and investigations. With Botox application, it is possible to get rid of migraine disease without surgery, incision and stitches, with a few injection procedures. In addition, it is frequently preferred by patients due to its long-term results and low side effects. With Botox application, injections are made into the nerve compression points in the head and neck region that constantly send attacks to the brain and cause pain.

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Migraine treatment with Botox is both short-lived and reliable, and the treatment process is easy. In the Botox method, the doctor first examines the patient and determines the areas where the pain comes from depending on the complaints.


The most important detail in the application of the Botox method is to inject the most appropriate dose into the right places. If done successfully, it is possible to get rid of pain for a long time.


One of the most curious questions from patients is whether there are any risks involved in migraine treatment. After the examinations done by the doctors, there are not many risks during or after the treatment. However, different problems may occur from time to time depending on the patient’s condition. The risks of migraine treatment are as follows;


  • From time to time, the patient’s body may have an allergic reaction to the medication used.
  • Skin sensitivity or infection may occur after application.
  • Although this possibility is very small, there is also a possibility of treatment failure.

Although the rate of occurrence of the above risks is low, different problems may occur depending on the patient’s health condition.

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The treatment of migraine with Botox, which has been used by doctors for many years and is frequently preferred by migraine sufferers because of its non-surgical nature, has various advantages because it is a reliable and quality method. In addition, Botox is one of the least risky and least complicated of the treatments performed.deppl

  • After the migraine treatment, the patient gets rid of the pain that interferes with daily life.
  • The pressure in the head area decreases, relaxation occurs.
  • The patient gives up the medications he or she has to use because of the migraine. The reduction in the use of medication after this treatment also prevents the development of various disorders.
  • The risks that may occur due to the use of medication are also eliminated with this method.
  • Since it is a non-surgical method, the healing process is quite fast.
  • It is considered one of the methods with a high success rate and the least amount of risk after surgery.


It will take a few days to see the effects of botox applied after the migraine treatment. In general, the pain decreases between 3 and 10 days after the treatment, but this may vary depending on the patient. After the required period of time, the patient will be free of pain between 4 and 5 months.

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