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Patients defined as being overweight due to weight problems can lose weight using different methods. The amount of weight loss and the duration of weight loss may vary from one method to another. Since some weight loss methods aim to lose too much weight in a very short period of time, some problems occur in the body after the weight loss process is over. The main problems that patients complain about are sagging and looseness of the skin. Post-bariatric surgery is a combination of different surgical procedures that include interventions for this sagging and loosening.


Post-bariatric surgery recovers loose, sagging skin and aesthetically reshapes the patient’s body after weight loss. It is not a single operation, but a planned series of many cosmetic operations.


To perform post-bariatric surgery, the patient must have this problem on the whole body, not sagging and loosening of the skin in certain areas. The only reason this can happen is because of excessive weight loss. For excessive weight loss to occur, patients must be overweight, i.e. obese. Therefore, we can say that post-bariatric surgery applies to patients who are overweight and suddenly lose excessive weight.


It is a combination of surgeries applied to the whole body. Facelift, arm lift, breast lift, buttock lift, abdominal lift, back lift and waist lift are operations that remove excess skin from all parts of the body and reshape it. The physical condition of the patient to whom these operations will be applied must be sufficient to withstand the combination of all these operations. The operations are performed under general anesthesia and in sessions.

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Post-bariatric surgery does not refer directly to a single operation: It is a collection of operations such as face – arm – leg – back – tummy tuck, breast lift, buttock lift, where excess skin in each part of the body is removed and the body is shaped. Because certain characteristics vary from patient to patient, a different path should be taken for each patient to eliminate unsightly results caused by excessive weight loss. For this path to be successful, it must be performed by plastic surgeons who are experts in their field. For post-bariatric surgery, planning is done by examining the patient’s weight loss process, the condition after weight loss and whether the patient continues to lose weight. Considering the above mentioned operations and other operations that can be combined with them, the most appropriate ones for the patient’s needs are selected and applied to the patient in a certain order and by necessity. The main reason for the different order of application of the operations to the patient can be explained by the fact that the result of each operation will affect the general dynamics of the body and the calibration is ensured precisely by a re-evaluation after each operation. After the end of the bariatric surgery, revision surgeries can be performed if necessary. In this way, the results are guaranteed to be close to perfection and the health of the patient is a priority.


Post-bariatric surgery does not directly refer to an operation, but when we look at all of the surgeries it refers to, certain points of consideration emerge. Lessons learned from the outcomes and healing processes of cosmetic surgeries are the primary factor in forming these points of attention.

  • Before undergoing post-bariatric surgery, you must learn the entire process and follow the advice of the doctor who examines you. Your doctor will make recommendations to cover the entire process of the program by combining different products in one pot.
  • The intervals after surgery (ranging from one week to several months) must be well evaluated and structured so that the results of previous operations are not altered.
  • The post-bariatric surgery program can sometimes be completed within a few months, sometimes within a year. Patients must be patient throughout this process.
  • The post-bariatric surgery program can sometimes be completed in a few months and sometimes in a year. Patients must be patient throughout this process.
  • Once all the sessions have been completed and only after the results have become permanent, it is possible for patients to begin heavy exercise. All of these situations must be taken into account before planning.
  • Some post-bariatric surgery procedures are performed under sedation, some under local anesthesia and some under general anesthesia.
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Post Bariatrik Cerrahinin Avantajları Nedir?


Post-bariatric surgery is not just one operation, it can be defined as the planned and scheduled application of many operations on the patient. Since it is a combination of several surgeries, it also contains various benefits of all types of surgeries it includes.

  • Sagging and loosening is prevented by using a technique specific to the area of the body affected by the excessive weight loss.
  • In the process following the operations, once all the operations are completed, the body gets rid of the bad appearance caused by excessive weight loss.
  • The body lines that appear with weight loss are clarified and the patient regains an aesthetic appearance.


Although the operations included in post-bariatric surgery have different healing processes, there are some common points due to the fact that they are plastic operations. Listing these commonalities is important for the patient to know the recovery processes in a chronological manner.

  • Operations are usually performed under general anesthesia. You may have to stay in the hospital for one or two days after the operation.
  • In general, the recovery period after a cosmetic operation is about one week. As your doctor is fully aware of these processes, he or she will not proceed with the other operation until the results of one of them are finalized.
  • Although it varies from person to person, the final results of bariatric surgery operations can take up to a year.
  • Because bariatric surgery applications are not a one-time operation, regular check-ups by the doctor are necessary after each operation. With these check-ups, revision surgeries can also be performed if necessary.
  • After cosmetic surgery, predictable complications such as bruising, redness, swelling and pain are likely to occur depending on the severity of the surgery.
  • Therefore, although post-bariatric surgery methods represent a serious and difficult process, they are extremely satisfying in terms of the point reached in the end.

In conclusion, although the post-bariatric surgery methods represent a serious and difficult process, they are very satisfying in terms of the point achieved

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