Ben (Nevüs) Nedir? Nasıl Oluşur?


Moles, also called nevus in the medical community, can appear on human skin from birth or later. Nevus, which can appear in any part of the body, give a bad image and can sometimes be a warning sign of various diseases. Therefore, while removing moles by different methods, examinations should be carried out in the body. The causes of mole formation can be defined as follows;

  • Proliferation of skin cells called melanocytes in clusters,
  • Formation of genetic moles,
  • Difficulty in regenerating the skin after aging,
  • Constant hormonal changes,
  • Too much sunbathing,
  • Menopause, pregnancy and cancer.

In addition to the above factors, the person’s diet, medications and therapeutic applications can also trigger the formation of moles as a side effect.


Moles, which appear on the skin and are usually brown or black in color, give the body a bad aesthetic appearance, although they are not harmful. In addition, although the formation of a mole is considered harmless, certain tests must be performed after its formation, because some of them may be cancerous or among the symptoms of cancer.


The removal of moles can be performed using different methods thanks to the recently developed possibilities. The most common mole removal treatments applied today and determined by the condition of the individual are: laser mole removal, radiofrequency, electrocautery (vaporization) and mole surgery. These applications are usually performed in 5 to 10 minutes for a single mole, and the treatment is performed under local anesthesia without requiring general anesthesia.

Ben Aldırma Tedavisi
Ben Aldırma Tedavisi Çeşitleri


Mole Surgery

Mole surgery, which is one of the surgical methods and has been applied for many years, can also be defined as the process of removing the part by making an incision around the mole.


Electrocautery (Vaporization)

The vaporization method, which we frequently encounter in wart treatments, is also used in the removal of moles and the results are convincing. The system, which turns into heat thanks to the electrical energy of the electrocautery, melts, i.e. vaporizes, the area it touches. After being applied to the mole, if it reaches the level of the skin, the procedure is successfully completed. After having formed a crust on the skin for some time, it heals in a short time.


The radio frequency method, which is part of the laser type applications and has nothing to do with radiation, can be used. The radio waves created from electrical energy destroy the area where the mole is located within 15 to 20 contacts. In addition, if applied by a specialist doctor, there is a small scar that will not be visible after the procedure.


Laser Mole Removal

Laser technology, which has been used in all areas of the medical world for the past 10 years and has added another dimension to treatment methods, is also used for mole removal and the results are very convincing. Although it is usually preferred for superficial moles, it can also be used for higher moles, depending on the condition of the mole. After laser treatment, the healing process is very short and the possibility of scarring is very low.

Ben Aldırma Tedavisi Çeşitleri
Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel


Since moles usually form in the facial area, the most curious question of patients is whether there is a scar after the mole removal. With the development of treatment methods, small spots appear during the application of laser or vaporization method, but then turn into skin color. Although some scars remain from time to time after the procedures, if the patient pays attention to the details after the surgery and does not disrupt the treatment, the possibility of scarring is low.