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Lower blepharoplasty surgery is a surgical method applied to give the patient’s desired appearance by eliminating aesthetic losses occurring in the lower eyelid area. With this method, the extent of the problem in the lower eyelid area is determined and the method is determined in different ways depending on the patient. The method is usually applied by shaping the skin structures and tissues, which are the main cause of aesthetic loss in the area, with surgical incisions made in the eyelash area.


The eye contour area loses its aesthetic appeal over time due to various factors. The points where this aesthetic loss occurs are medically divided into two. Cosmetic loss occurring in the lower eyelid area, which is referred to as the upper and lower eyelid, is commonly referred to as lower blepharoplastys. Problems such as alcohol and smoking, irregular sleep, frequent crying can also be considered as supporting factors for the above two reasons of aesthetic loss in this area.


Lower blepharoplasty surgery is performed on patients who have reached the level where they cannot achieve aesthetic lower-eye bags with non-surgical techniques and who have begun to feel that they have failed in their social life because of this unfavorable image. When we statistically analyze all the requests, we see that the profile of the patients is generally thirty years old and more. The two main factors that cause lower blepharoplastys are genetic and environmental, and lower blepharoplastys are not observed before the age of thirty.


Genetically induced lower-eye bags are seen in the late twenties and early thirties. Bags under the eyes caused by age and severity are felt in a way that requires intervention in the early forties.


The presence of certain factors that support these two basic factors in patients proves to be an important factor in advancing the observation period. The severity of lower blepharoplastys increases while the observation period decreases with the addition of factors that can be controlled by the patient, such as smoking and alcohol consumption, irregular or inadequate sleep, and constant crying.


Therefore, lower-eye bag surgery is applicable to all patients, regardless of gender, who have lost their aesthetic appearance in the lower eyelid area.

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The technical part of the operation is not handled directly. Before the actual implementation of the operation, there is a coordinated planning process between the patient and the physician. During this planning process, the patient is obliged to inform the surgeon about previous diseases, treatment processes, used and ongoing medications. Taking this information into account, it is necessary to determine the excess skin and fat in the skin of the lower eyelid and to determine the areas that will undergo surgery at what rate. After determining the amount of fat and skin to be removed from each area, the surgical process begins. Although the surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, general anesthesia has also been observed in some patients. The patient does not feel any pain or soreness from the anesthetic drug administered. At the beginning of the operation, using open surgical incisions in the lower eyelid area, the fat that gives this area a baggy appearance is removed. Excess skin is also removed and the remaining skin is tightened and the operation is completed.


The operation usually takes no longer than one hour, but this time may be extended if combined with other cosmetic procedures. Lower eyelid surgery is usually performed at the same time as upper eyelid surgery. After the application, an almost perfect under-eye aesthetic is achieved. Patients are discharged the same day as the operation.


Lower eye bag surgery is not a difficult operation because of the experience resulting from frequent application. However, it is necessary to pay special attention to certain points, as the area concerned is very sensitive.

  • In order to create a reference point for the results of the operation, a complete agreement must be reached between the patient and the doctor before the operation and the expected results must be determined in advance.
  • In order to protect the results of the operation, heavy sports exercises and loads that may cause excessive tension on the skin should be avoided during the first month.
  • Once the operation is complete, stitches are applied to the incision areas. It takes five to seven days to remove these stitches. Patients are not allowed to shower during this time. In extreme cases, there is no problem showering while protecting the operation area from water.
  • In the process following the operation, the patient must protect the operating area from chemicals and make-up materials.
  • With the operating area sutured, the patient should stay away from public places and pay the utmost attention to hygiene.
  • It is important to protect the operating area from direct sunlight, heat or extreme cold to preserve the results.
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The benefits of lower-eye bag surgery can be divided into two: the benefits related to the fact that this surgery is performed for cosmetic purposes and the benefits derived from the frequency of application.

  • We can divide the benefits of lower-eye bag surgery into two: the benefits related to the fact that this surgery is performed for aesthetic purposes and the benefits derived from the frequency of application.
  • With this surgery, the patient regains the aesthetics of the lost eye area. Since the eye is one of the most critical points in the general aesthetics of the face, the aesthetic image obtained in this area allows a great improvement in the general aesthetics of the face.
  • Since the operation is performed under a light local anesthetic, the patient feels no pain or soreness.
  • Since the surgical incisions made during the operation are small and in invisible areas, they do not create permanent scars.


Thanks to the techniques developed in lower-eye bag surgery, the healing process is shortened and the patient’s comfort is at a high level. It is important that the operation and the recovery process are well known to the patient so as not to disturb his or her psychology.


  • The operation is performed under local anesthesia and usually lasts one hour.
  • The incisions opened during the operation are sutured and these stitches remain in the area for about a week. Afterwards, they are completely removed.
  • Bruising, redness and swelling may occur after the operation. Of these complications, swelling is the longest lasting and takes a month to completely disappear.
  • Although there is no problem for patients to resume their social life from the day of discharge, it may take the end of the first week or the end of the second week depending on the patient.
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