Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu Nedir? Nasıl Yapılır?


From a certain age, we notice sagging, swelling, bruising and bags under the eyes. These are largely due to genetic reasons. But there are conditions that accelerate these effects. Alcohol consumption, sleeping position, sleep disorders and allergies trigger retention problems. Under-eye light filler is a procedure applied to solve these problems. A more youthful appearance is achieved after a light filler of the eyes. The hyaluronic acid used in under eye light filling is a substance produced by the body. Unlike other fillers, this procedure is applied to the bone. The application of the filler is done slowly. Prior to the application of the under-eye light filler, an anesthetic substance is applied to the area to be treated and the applied gel contains anesthetic substances. Therefore, there is no significant pain during and after the procedure.


Under-eye filler is a procedure used to remove bruises, bags and puffiness under the eyes, which are usually seen in the 30s. Factors such as advanced age, genetic factors, alcohol consumption, sleeping problems and sleeping position trigger these problems. The most comfortable way to solve these problems is with an under-eye light filler treatment. This procedure creates a healthy, bright and vigorous appearance under the eyes. The application of the procedure in one session is a great advantage for the patient. It is a short application with an immediate effect. There is no harm in reapplying the product when the effect disappears. The side effects are almost negligible.


Under-eye filler is a procedure used to eliminate the tired appearance of the eyes. Its effects can be listed as follows:

  • Under eye bags that appear with age can be eliminated with under eye luminous filler.
  • Under eye bruises, which are usually genetic in origin, and the dark under eye appearance are removed by this procedure. A healthier image is created.
  • A more vibrant and vigorous under-eye area can be achieved with light eye filler.

There are no health concerns with under-eye filler, but it is still a good idea not to apply it to women during pregnancy as a precaution. Under eye light filler is an application that is also preferred by men. This procedure is generally preferred at an advanced age, it is not recommended for those under 18 years old.

Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu Kimlere Yapılır?
Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu Riskleri ve Komplikasyonları


Under-eye light filler is a procedure with very few risks and side effects compared to other procedures. Complications observed are temporary or treatable.


Although fine needles are used when applying the filler, slight bleeding may occur if the patient’s skin is sensitive. Although most fillers do not require allergy testing, if the patient has a problematic history of allergies, adverse allergic reactions may occur if allergy testing is not performed. Redness or bruising in the treated area is a very rare condition after the procedure. If this occurs, it should pass within 72 hours.


Under eye light filling is a procedure to repair under eye problems and delay their recurrence. The effect lasts on average from 6 months to 1 year. When the procedure loses its effect, there is no harm in reapplying it.


The results of the under-eye filler can be seen immediately after the procedure. It takes one week to finalize. There is no inconvenience in resuming daily life after the procedure. It will be helpful if you do not smoke or drink alcohol during this process. Since there is usually no pain or bruising, the recovery process is comfortable and short for the person.

Göz Altı Işık Dolgusu İyileşme ve Etki Süresi
Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel


In the application of the under-eye filler, there are certain situations that should be taken into account like any other aesthetic procedure :

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are two substances that should not be consumed before a cosmetic procedure, even if no surgery is performed. Smoking can increase bruising, and drinking alcohol can cause additional bleeding during the procedure.
  • Although cosmetic fillers may seem like an easy procedure, it is essential to share any medications used with the doctor to avoid any complications during or after the procedure.
  • If you have ever had a cosmetic filling, you should inform your doctor and ask him or her to review the procedure.
  • Skin care is not recommended immediately after the filler procedure. It is best to wait at least a week. Excessive pressure and deep cleansing during skin care can damage the results of the filler process.
  • Extreme cold and heat can negatively affect the results of the filler application. Therefore, you should avoid situations that may cause extreme heat and cold during the first few days.