Botoks (Kırışıklık Tedavisi) Nedir?


Botox is a neurotoxin used in medical applications. The application of this specially obtained toxin on the body leads to various effects. After the discovery of the effects of this product, which was used for the treatment of the eyes in the historical process, it began to be used in the treatment of wrinkles and various muscle diseases. The toxin injected with the help of a needle disrupts the function of muscle tissue, which allows wrinkles to disappear.


Wrinkles on the skin are one of the main reasons that disturb the general appearance of the body, especially on the face. Many methods are used in the treatment of wrinkles. Although the choice of one of these applications may vary depending on the size and area of the problem, they are divided into surgical and non-surgical methods. Botox is one of the non-surgical, high success rate treatments generally applied to the facial area.


Since the area of application of Botox is not only aesthetic but also sanitary when necessary, the audience for it is wide. The area of application of the aesthetic treatment method, which constitutes the majority of its area of use, is made up of people who are not satisfied with the wrinkles on their body.


Any individual over a certain age and with a genetic predisposition becomes the target of wrinkles and their appearance deteriorates due to wrinkles. There are surgical and non-surgical treatment methods for this image disorder. Botox is the most common area of application among non-surgical methods. It is the only method used by patients who are afraid of surgical methods and the risks involved.


Therefore, most people who suffer from wrinkle problems try botox treatment at least once.

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To perform a Botox application, you need a practitioner who is familiar with the area where the application will be performed. Although it is preferable that this practitioner be a medical specialist, non-specialists can also perform Botox because of the simplicity of the procedure. It is important that the person performing the application is familiar with the anatomy of the body and can anticipate the muscle structures and reactions that may occur as a result of the procedure. In the process that follows the determination of the area of procedure, protein serums are diluted and injected into the muscle tissue using injectors. The material used in this injection process must be diluted. The manner in which the dilution process will be performed is up to the practitioner. Although the application is usually completed in a period of no more than ten minutes, this period may be extended for reasons such as the size of the application area. The procedure is not painful. An anesthetic cream can be applied to patients who are sensitive to pain or in pain.


The serums injected during the procedure disrupt the communication between the nerve and muscle structures, prevent the muscle structures from wrinkling and create a smooth, wrinkle-free surface in the desired area. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can resume his or her normal life. There is no healing process. Only a process that can be defined as sensitivity must be overcome. This period is also the time necessary for the results to be fully achieved.


Paying attention to the fact that the application is done by specialists is usually enough for the application to be successful.

  • It is not recommended to apply Botox to pregnant women.
  • No bandages or dressings are applied after the procedure.
  • The possibility of swelling or bruising is also close to zero. The most likely complication is redness that disappears in a very short time.
Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel
Botoks (Kırışıklık Tedavisi) İşleminin Avantajları Nedir?


There are many ways to treat wrinkles. While surgical procedures offer definitive solutions, they are not the most preferred because they carry risks. Patients try various other treatments before resorting to surgical solutions. Botox is one of these alternative methods with the highest success rate. With the treatment performed by injecting protein serums into certain areas with injectors, wrinkle treatment is done without an anesthesia procedure. While the results of the procedure last only three days, they are permanent for approximately six to eight months. Another advantage of botox application is that the success rate is maintained with repeated treatments.


Results are obtained in three days following the application. Botox is usually applied to the facial area. As it is applied between the eyebrows, in the neck area and around the eyes, i.e. in areas where the muscle structure is very stressed and deformed, the results can be clearly observed.

After the third day, these results diminish and stop for six months after the full results.

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