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The problem of sweating, especially during the summer months, continues to be the scary dream of individuals of all periods. As we know, the purpose of sweating is to create the ideal temperature through the pores of the body, but this situation occurs much more in hot weather. Illnesses in some individuals cause an excessive increase in sweating in every period. With expert sweat treatment, it is possible to get rid of the problem of sweating without surgery. If you want to get rid of the problem of sweating that causes odor and appearance problems of your clothes, you can choose non-surgical methods.


Sweating, which is presented as a normal physiological event of the human body, occurs against the will of the individual to ensure the thermal balance of the body. If the body temperature rises, the sweating process begins and the body temperature is lowered and balanced. This situation can be experienced by every individual, but in some patients it becomes chronic and causes excessive sweating. In addition, the following details make the sweat glands work too much and give bad results;

  • Continuous exercise, running or activities that increase the body temperature.
  • Hot weather, stressful situations.
  • Consumption of hot and spicy drinks.
  • Stress and anxiety.

People with such problems should first do activities to avoid sweating. In addition to the above reasons, sweating occurs in case of diseases of the sweat glands of the individual and this condition becomes chronic. It is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor and carry out treatments for sweating.

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Although there are non-surgical treatments for sweating, the most notable and popular is the botox treatment. In addition to botox, lotion and iontophoresis treatments may also be preferred. These methods are applied by the doctor according to the examinations performed on the patient and the state of the perspiration.


Botox treatment

Botox, which is among the most preferred methods used in various treatments in the field of medicine, causes the glands to remain temporarily inactive and not function as perspiration after being applied to the sweat glands. In addition, botox treatment occupies the first place in the treatment of perspiration because it retains its validity for a long time.


Cream-lotion treatment

Some creams and lotions are administered by the doctor depending on the type of sweating of the patient. This method of treatment reduces the problem of sweating. However, creams or lotions do not give convincing and lasting results in all patients.


Iontophoresis treatment

In the iontophoresis method, which is one of the effective methods but does not last long, electricity is applied to the armpit with a special device for 30 minutes and a shock effect is created in the sweat glands. This method, which is very successful, should be practiced once a month because it loses its effect between 2 and 3 weeks.


Today, anyone with a perspiration problem can choose a perspiration treatment if they do not have any health problems or allergic reactions to the medications to be used. This method is usually chosen by people who sweat excessively or are bothered by the bad odor and appearance after sweating.


The sweating treatment, which is especially preferred by people who have problems with excessive sweating and who frequently sweat even during the winter months, shows its effect for a long time after application.

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First of all, examinations are performed on the patient with a perspiration problem and the areas to be injected are selected. The application of Botox for the sweat glands is then performed by your doctor in about 15 to 20 minutes under local anesthesia.


The effect of the sweat treatment varies depending on the method applied. If patients choose the Iontophoresis method, they have to repeat it continuously because it creates a short-term solution.


If Botox treatment is chosen, long-term solutions can be produced. After the injection made by your doctor by targeting the sweat glands, no sweating problems occur for about 5 to 6 months. In addition, the patient’s health condition and the level of sweat gland problems may also extend this period. If a botox treatment is performed, it should be reapplied and repeated every 6 months.

Op. Dr. Hakan Demirel