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Non-surgical face lift procedures are procedures to gain tension and vitality on the face without surgical intervention. In these procedures, applications such as thread suspension, laser, radiofrequency, injection can be chosen. It is important to choose the most suitable facelift procedure for the patient.

Non-surgical face lift procedures can be used for the treatment of sagging skin and soft tissue of the face due to the effects of aging. Non-surgical procedures can solve many problems, including deep wrinkles, without the need for surgery. The fact that they show their effect immediately after the procedure and do not carry the risks associated with surgical procedures is the reason for patient preference. Non-surgical face lift procedures include effective methods to increase skin elasticity and achieve a taut, dynamic appearance. The technique that best suits the individual’s expectations is chosen. With these techniques, a more youthful appearance can be achieved without surgery.


Non-surgical face lift procedures are generally preferred in the 30s and beyond. People with sagging skin and soft tissue of the face can benefit from these procedures.

  • Superficial wrinkles that begin to form on the face are tightened with these methods.
  • For deeper wrinkles, methods that support the subcutaneous tissue are used.
  • The accumulated tissue towards the lower part of the face can be recovered and a more vigorous face shape is created.
  • As we age, sagging can occur on the face. This is eliminated with filler procedures.

Non-surgical face lift procedures have great advantages for those who do not favor surgical procedures. The results expected from these methods must be realistic. Before the procedure, your doctor will give you detailed information about the outcome of the procedure and the duration of the effect.

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Almost all of these methods, which are called with many different definitions and names such as thread face lift, thread aesthetics, spider web aesthetics, v face lift, non-surgical thread face lift, thread face lift, spider web face lift, thread aesthetics ; in fact, these are non-surgical aesthetic applications based on the principle of suspending the face upwards by passing these threads under the skin with the help of anchor-shaped or flat surgical threads that recover the sagging skin of the face in a similar way.


Side effects from non-surgical face lift procedures are rare and usually temporary. Because the incision is not open, scars are not visible. Complications from scarring do not develop. Swelling may occur after the filling procedures. In addition, redness and bruising may be observed. These disappear spontaneously in a short time. Swelling and bruising may also be observed in the thread suspension methods. They are temporary. There may be minor asymmetries after the procedure, in which case additional procedures can be applied with filler applications.

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Immediately after a non-surgical face lift procedure, the person returns to their daily life. Because minor redness and swelling disappear in a short time, there is no long recovery period. The results of some techniques begin to show immediately after the procedure, while other techniques begin to show their effects after two or three weeks. The effects of these procedures are not permanent. However, many of them delay aging because they nourish the skin. The permanence of the procedures varies depending on the technique applied. The duration of the effect varies from 6 months to 3 years. In some of the non-surgical face lift procedures, different methods can be applied to increase their permanence. There is no harm in repeating these procedures once their effects have passed. In some applications, different techniques may be used in conjunction with each other. This also affects permanence.


Non-surgical face lift procedures are relatively simple procedures. Depending on the method used, the elements to be considered may differ. Detailed information on this subject will be given to you by your doctor. But in general, the things to consider can be listed as follows:

  • The place where the procedure will be performed must be well chosen and care must be taken to ensure that the environment is sterile.
  • Before the procedure, the doctor should be fully informed about allergic conditions, previous diseases, medications used.
  • In case of persistent infection and inflammation in the facial area, the procedure should be postponed.
  • After some procedures, it is necessary to stay away from such situations as solarium, steam bath, sauna for a while.
  • After these procedures, it is necessary to wait a certain amount of time to have skin care. You can consult your doctor to know the appropriate time.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption have a negative effect on the procedures. It will therefore be helpful to stop smoking before and after the procedure.
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