Rhinoplasty Journey

One of the most curious issues for our patients who plan to come from Istanbul or outside Istanbul for nose surgery is the rhinoplasty journey. In this article, we will explain this process to you.

Step 1 - Free Consultation with an Experienced Surgeon

Your patient coordinator will contact you and ask you to fill out a form to provide information about your health data to our doctor. After your application, our experienced surgeon Dr Hakan Demirel will give you a free consultation in line with the information you provide and determine whether you are suitable for surgery.

Step 2 -Offer Stage and Making an Appointment for Rhinoplasty

If you have reached this stage, congratulations! You are eligible for surgery. Our patient coordinator will now send you a proposal with the products and prices for your treatment.

Once you have approved your offer, your assistant will make your appointment on the day that is most convenient for you and our doctor and start the necessary procedures.

burun estetiği randevu

Step 3 - Necessary Tests and Rhinoplasty Surgery Day

Say good morning to the big day that will change your life and take a deep breath😊.

First of all, our VIP vehicle will pick you up from your hotel or home and take you to the hospital (if you want in your package). Our doctor will meet you and give information about the surgery. Then, after the necessary tests are performed and the results are obtained, our doctor will visit you again and inform you that your results are good and ready for surgery. The duration of rhinoplasty surgeries takes an average of 2 – 2.5 hours.

Bravo! Your surgery is over and you can breathe a sigh of relief. After the surgery, our doctor Dr Hakan Demirel will give you detailed information about the postoperative process.

burun estetiği ameliyatı

Step 4 - Discharge from the Hospital

We generally recommend our rhinoplasty patients to stay in the hospital for one day. In this process, your coordinator, our nurses and our doctor will continue to take care of you.

The next day it is time to leave the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, our doctors will make the last checks and inform you about the postoperative process. Then our VIP car will pick you up from the hospital and take you to your hotel or home.

burun estetiği taburcu olmak

Our experienced doctor Dr. Hakan Demirel and his team will take care of you throughout the whole process and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. After we host you again for the post-rhinoplasty surgery processes and take your stitches, you can return to your daily life, provided that you pay attention to what our doctor says.

If you want to say hello to a new life, you can contact us via the Whatsapp.😊

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